Hendrick Wellness Center | Primary Care And Chiropractic Services
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PHR- Personal Health Records

Current patients can access their information and communicate securely through our Personal Health Records registration, or PHR.



Hendrick Wellness Center is an integrated health center providing a combination of primary care and chiropractic services to treat your specific needs. We specialize in spine, joint, and muscle health. We offer an inviting family atmosphere for patients of all ages in McAllen, TX, and surrounding areas.


Trusted Care

By combining the benefits of primary care and chiropractic care, you save time and money and get back to what matters most–life.

Schedule Now

Our mission is to reduce your discomfort. If you are in the McAllen, TX area, call us today to get out of pain! Our phone number is (956) 630-2255.

Meet the Doctors

Hendrick Wellness Center is owned by spouses Dr. Blaine Hendrick, DC, FNP-C and Dr. Jana Hendrick, DC.

Why Choose Us?

Learn What Makes Us Effective

We provide an evidence-based approach to treating injuries and illness, promoting the least-invasive methods possible. With 9 years of experience, we continue to proudly provide excellent service for the Rio Grande Valley, continuing to gain knowledge and follow advancements in the research guiding chiropractic and primary care methods. We are dedicated to continuing education to bring you the most effective and efficient care possible.


Prevent injuries to your back and stay flexible with these 10 stretching routines.

So many of the motions we make and positions we place our bodies in can lead to potential problems