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Why You Should Consider a Chiropractor

Why You Should Consider A Chiropractor
We know that you ask a lot of your body. From work to sports, hobbies to responsibilities, sometimes we put more strain on ourselves than we should.

At Hendrick Wellness Center we’ve seen first-hand the effects that this wear and tear can have on a body over the years.

As chiropractors in McAllen, we also know that many people will deal with pain and discomfort simply by ignoring it. But ultimately this can end up causing bigger problems; issues that could have been prevented by a caring chiropractic doctor.

The fact is that there are many factors someone should consider as valid reasons to schedule a visit with a chiropractor.

Five Reasons to Meet With a Chiropractor

    1. Chronic Back Pain

While our first impulse is to reach for a bottle of medicine, many of us find that ibuprofen – and even stronger medications – don’t do the trick. Even worse, in the long run these pain medications can also cause damage to our bodies.

Your body is designed to work as a complete unit. When something is wrong, the pain you feel is your body trying to send you a message that there is a problem.

This is particularly true of areas like your back. It is not normal for you to experience pain in your back and any discomfort is a clear warning that you have issues with proper function of your body.

Our fully certified and trained chiropractors in McAllen will help to identify the source of pain in your body and will use their expertise to ensure that your body and back are working as they should be.

    1. HeadAches: Tension and Migraines

There are a number of reasons why someone might be experiencing headaches. But if other potential culprits like dehydration have been ruled out, there may be a chiropractic solution.

If your upper back and neck are stiff and restricted, this can be the cause of frequent headaches. A chiropractic session will help to determine if this is the case and will provide you with some viable solutions.

    1. A Sedentary or Repetitive Job

A job that has you seated at a phone or computer all day can put a heavy strain on your body.

Because it causes poor posture that puts unnecessary pressure on our neck and upper back, sitting for hours on end can cause continuous stress on your muscles and the discs in your back.

This can lead to problems down the road like a herniated disc. The same is true of jobs that have us perform the same tasks over and over again.

Working on our feet all day at a station like a cash register or booth, combined with contorting movements, can also shift or compress different parts of the body.

A chiropractic doctor can make sure that your spinal column functions properly to help prevent future issues.

    1. An Active Lifestyle

This may seem counterintuitive since being active improves your body in many ways. It is true that your overall physical and cardiovascular health will increase with regular exercise.

But there is a reason why athletes of all levels are constantly injured. Sports and exercise can place additional strain on our bodies because of the constant pressure and forces that twist us when doing certain movements.

Over time, exercise and sports can contribute to our spines getting compressed or injured. This can lead to problems with the discs in our back as well as pinched nerves.

Regular visits to a chiropractor are a great companion to a healthy, fit lifestyle to ensure that our healthfulness is passed along to our spines.

    1. A Proactive Approach to Your Health

There are endless things that arise during our life that affect our health. Many times they are small concerns that we don’t pay much mind to. Often we wait for these health problems to “work” themselves out but the results are almost never in our favor.

Regardless of the lifestyle you lead or the life situation you find yourself in, you don’t have to be reactive when it comes to your health.

Meeting with a chiropractic doctor to deal with back pain or simply as part of your health routine can help transform the way you think about your body. Our chiropractors in McAllen can help prevent problems that might arise later and get you thinking about how to stay healthy.

Dealing with back pain? Contact Hendrick Wellness Center today.

If you have been considering chiropractic sessions, contact us today at (956) 630-2255 to set up a consultation. We can get started on a treatment plan that puts both your mind and your body at ease.