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Why It’s Important to Keep Your Toddler Active and Flexible

Why It’s Important to Keep Your Toddler Active and FlexibleIt’s only natural for a parent to want what’s best for their little one, and one of the best ways to start is by keeping your child as active and flexible as possible, especially as a toddler or baby. 

In fact, it’s just as imperative for your baby to be active as it is for a toddler or older child.

Today your caring McAllen chiropractor at Hendrick Wellness Center will fill you in on how to keep your toddler or baby active, and why it is so important.

Physical Activity for Babies

Kids learn more physical skills in their first six years compared to any other time of their lives. These are fundamental movement skills, which are the building blocks for lifelong activity.

Your baby needs plenty of opportunities for free movement in a supervised and nurturing environment. 

Before your baby starts to crawl:

  • Encourage them to be active by reaching, rolling, pulling, pushing, and learning to move their head, arms, legs, and body.
  • Play on a floor mat with them.
  • Put a toy outside their reach, so they have to make more of an effort to stretch and reach for it.
  • Place your baby on their tummy for a brief time each day to let them stretch and develop their muscles.

It’s also important that your baby does not spend too much time in baby walkers, bouncers, baby carriers, and seats, as these encourage babies to stand on their tiptoes and can delay walking if your baby uses them a lot. Additionally, long periods of time spent in reclining carriers or seats that prop your baby into a sitting position may delay their ability to sit up on their own. 

If you do use a baby walker, bouncer, or seat, try only using them for no more than 20 minutes at a time.

Exercises for Toddlers

Toddlers and young children are naturally active and are often constantly on the move, so it’s crucial for them to be active.

Once your child can walk, they should be physically active for at least three hours a day, spread throughout the day. Here are some ways to do just that:

  • Let your toddler walk with you.
  • Take them to the park, where they can climb and swing or run around.
  • Allow your child to pick up and move their toys around to help improve their coordination and develop the muscles in their arms and hands.
  • Involve your toddler in household tasks including unpacking shopping, tidying, or sorting washing.
  • Show your child songs with actions and encourage them to dance to music.

Watching TV or using a tablet for long periods, or being strapped into a buggy, car seat or high chair, is not good for kids at a young age.

If you need to make a long drive, consider taking a break to get your child out of their seat for a bit.

How Your Child Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care

Despite what many believe, chiropractic care is not only for adults. It can actually be quite beneficial for children because infancy and childhood are times of rapid growth and development.

Not only does it promote healthy living, but it also reduces the risk of injury.

Children with a properly aligned spine and neck tend to have better posture and better overall health. Chiropractic helps align the spine and neck, and clears the neural pathways. This helps the nervous system perform well, which is vital to healthy living. 

Additionally, because of chiropractic’s full-body approach, it’s a good foundation for regular exercise, healthy eating, and a healthy lifestyle in kids. A good way of preventing injury in children is regular chiropractic care, which can help keep their joints and ligaments supple. 

Once your child begins to turn over, sit up, crawl, pull up, walk, and become more mobile, chiropractic care can be helpful to their well-being. Throughout each of these growth phases, chiropractic care can ensure easier and smoother transitions, which can lead to fewer injuries.

Come See Your Local McAllen Chiropractor

The right chiropractic care can do wonders for babies and children and can have a positive impact on families as a whole. So if you want to do your youngin and family a favor, give us a call today.



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