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What You Should Know About Emotional Causes of Chronic Pain

Stress Induced Back Pain
There may come a time in your life where you ask yourself if the chronic pain you have been dealing with can be linked to stress and emotions. The short answer is: yes, emotional stress can be the source of a decline in physical health that can result in chronic pain. 

Today, your local McAllen chiropractors at Hendrick Wellness Center will shed light on how emotional stress causes pain, and how you can get treatment so you can improve your quality of life. 

What Is Emotional Pain?

According to Very Well Mind, emotional pain is considered to be pain that stems from non-physical sources. Emotional pain can be the result of regretting something, losing a loved one, or the actions of others. 

Emotional pain can become overbearing as the psychological pain you deal with daily can be intense. Oftentimes, psychological pain isn’t taken as seriously as physical pain because it is not perceived to be as dire of a problem. This, however, is not the case, since the pain can take a toll on both your mental and physical health. 

Symptoms of Emotional Pain

The symptoms of emotional pain can include: 

  • Panic
  • Withdrawal or isolation from others 
  • Severe distress
  • Hopelessness 
  • Grief 
  • Shame
  • Rage
  • Agitation or displaying anger, anxiety, or moodiness

In certain cases of emotional pain, physical pain may take place. This is referred to as psychogenic pain. When there is no specific cause for the pain, the diagnosis usually turns out to be Somatic symptom disorder. 

The American Psychiatric Association describes Somatic symptom disorder as a condition in which individuals have a significant focus on physical symptoms like pain, weakness or shortness of breath, which prompts major distress and/or issues functioning.

What Causes Emotional Pain?

There are various factors that can trigger emotional pain. Some of the most common contributors include: 

  • Sadness: Sadness can result in emotional pain if it does not fade over time. Persistent sadness is referred to as depression, which can affect your mind and body. 
  • Anxiety: Anxiety is a symptom of an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is characterized by feelings of fear, worry, and panic that are persistent enough to interfere with one’s daily life. 
  • Shame and guilt: Shame and guilt are often typical in those with addiction issues because of the need for secrecy. Shame and guilt can be described as the sensation of butterflies in your stomach and can often draw in physical pain.

How Can Emotional Pain Be Treated?

To begin treatment of emotional pain you must first accept the underlying issue that is the source of the pain. Treatment will normally start once a patient is given a diagnosis.

Psychological conditions can be treated with psychotherapy, medication, or both. Coping with emotional pain is also a way of managing the symptoms. Social support and exercising are two ways that people can healthily cope with the symptoms as well. 

Chiropractic care is also a common treatment when it comes to alleviating the pain and discomfort of tight muscles and knots caused by stress. 

Getting an adjustment done by your chiropractor will release blockages in your body that can help improve brain flow and your mood, ultimately making you feel more relaxed. Adjustments done by your chiropractor can also lower blood pressure, which in turn can minimize symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. 

Relieve Your Emotional & Physical Pain With Hendrick Wellness Center

If you believe that you are suffering from emotional pain, don’t wait to get the treatment you need at Hendrick Wellness Center today. 

Everyone deserves a chance to live a pain-free life. Let us help you make that happen.

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