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Unbelievable Benefits of Seeing a Family Nurse Practitioner

Unbelievable Benefits of Seeing a Family Nurse PractitionerThere are a lot of changes happening in the country, especially when it comes to healthcare. One of the most important to patients in need of medical care is the expanding role of Family Nurse Practitioners (FNPs) in general practices and how they can provide care nearly equivalent to a physician.

At Hendrick Wellness Center, we are able to provide comprehensive and compassionate primary care for individuals of all ages, delivered by our very own Blaine Hendrick, DC, FNP-C.

If you haven’t visited with a family nurse practitioner, consider the following 5 unbelievable benefits to seeking their care.

    1. Quality Care

Nurse Practitioners are highly trained primary care providers who obtain graduate or doctorate-level education focusing on disease prevention and health management. In addition to completing post-graduate degrees, NPs must complete a high volume of clinical coursework, renew their licensing every two years, show proof of completing continuing medical education credits, and – depending on their specialty – obtain board certification as well.

Because of this in-depth training, NPs are able to deliver and treat a wide range of services including but not limited to:

      • Complete routine physical exams
      • Referrals for test(s)
      • Prescribe medications
      • Complete injections, sutures, and similar urgent care needs
      • Treat respiratory ailments
      • Treat ear and eye infections
      • Treat tongue-tie
      • Treat skin infections and UTIs
      • Treat sinus infections
      • Treat sprains and strains
      • Provide counsel
      • Educate patients on lifestyle choices and much more…

Indeed, a family nurse practitioner can provide a high level of medical care and attention.

    1. Availability

Sometimes FNPs are the only potential source of primary health care that some people have access to. Whether it is distance or availability that makes it difficult for you to see a doctor, our FNP at Hendrick Wellness Center has a flexible schedule that allows room for appointments on the same day or the next day so that you can be seen and treated promptly.

Plus, you get the added benefit of having a primary care provider who will have the time and ability to truly pay attention to your needs. No more dealing with a physician who walks into the exam room only to see you for 2-3 minutes. A lower volume of patients means FNPs are able to provide a meaningful level of care.

    1. Exams and Prescriptions

There are many exams that are necessary in medical care, in even in the most routine of cases. In the past, there were not as many options for patients to choose from in getting those exams ordered. FNPs now offer an alternative route to doctors in getting required exams done, as well as a means of interpreting them and communicating the results to patients.

And as previously mentioned, our McAllen family nurse practitioner at Hendrick Wellness Center has the ability to fill out prescriptions on certain drugs for patients. This can make life easier for patients, particularly if they are able to get prescriptions written and filled at the same location.

    1. A Holistic Approach to Healthcare

There is a fundamental difference in the way traditional physicians approach the care they provide and how an FNP addresses the same issue. A doctor will use problem-solving tactics when taking care of a patient’s troubles. Is it this or that? What treats/cures this or that?

An FNP, with an emphasis on nursing, will ask other questions and tackle different problems. They might ask about the environments a patient finds themselves in throughout a day and how they might create or add on to existing struggles. This can also help increase a personal awareness for some patients, giving them new insight into how to view and maintain their health that they might not get from a traditional physician.

Holistic care is taking into account one’s entire health and wellbeing, not just simply dealing with the symptoms.

    1. Increased Patient Satisfaction

Related to this difference in approach is a higher reported amount of patient satisfaction. With NPs and PAs able to manage 80-90% of care provided by primary care physicians, patients are able to receive the same level of care but with improved attention to their needs. A Harris Poll found that 93% of American patients who interacted with PAs were extremely satisfied and 91% of patients believed they improved the quality of healthcare.

Patients often feel that they will be treated in a more respectful manner by FNPs, with an emphasis on feeling more likely to be listened to and taken seriously.

Flu season is here, don’t wait until it’s too late. Visit our McAllen Family Nurse Practitioner at Hendrick Wellness Center today.

Our experienced Family Nurse Practitioner would like to welcome you with a warm smile and years of expert-level primary care service delivered in a holistic approach.

Contact us today at (956) 630-2255 to set up an appointment.

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