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How Chiropractic Care Can Help You With Sleep-Related Issues

How Chiropractic Care Can Help You With Sleep-Related Issues
A good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy body. Sleep is when your body regenerates, stores memories, metabolizes nutrients, and releases stress. It goes without saying that not being able to sleep can make your physical and mental health suffer.

Yet, sometimes, things like posture, stress, and back or neck pain can keep us up at night.

While chiropractic care cannot solve all of your sleep-related issues, it can help to resolve quite a few of them. At Hendrick Wellness Center, our experienced McAllen chiropractors are here to help you obtain the healthy sleep schedule you’ve always wanted.

The Three Common Reasons for Sleeplessness

According to a report from Sleep Education, approximately 8 million Americans are not able to get a good night’s rest. This lack of sleep can hinder our ability to properly perform our daily activities which can then cause us increased stress, resulting in another sleepless night.

Sleeplessness is known to be caused by a series of common causes which include but are not limited to:

1. Insomnia

Insomnia can be caused by a variety of reasons like medication or emotional distress. If you suspect that your insomnia stems from something other than back pain or stress, it is recommended that you see a sleep specialist.

However, in many cases, it may be caused by heightened levels of stress. Excessive worrying or anxiety can cause you to suffer sleepless nights.

2. Sleep Apnea and Breathing Problems

Sleep apnea and breathing problems like snoring are health issues which will constantly wake you up throughout the night. Either you will wake up gasping for air due to a pause in breathing caused by the apnea or your snores will become loud enough to pull you out of your dreams.

These breathing issues are often caused by possible mouth and respiratory deformation or excess weight. Still, in some cases, it can be caused by sleeping in the wrong posture or holding a posture through the day which will affect your body at night.

If you suspect that your posture or position when sleeping at night is what is causing an apnea, a discussion with your chiropractor at the Hendrick Wellness Center can help you determine the next best step to alleviating that problem.

3. Back or Neck Pain

In some cases, it can simply be back or neck pain causing your lack of sleep. Whether it is back or neck pain—even headaches—you can almost guarantee another night without the rest that you need.

In some cases, you might find yourself sound asleep and little by little your body starts aching due to your posture, pillow, or mattress. This is bound to wake you up, interrupting the sleep you desire.

How a Chiropractor Can Help You

If you find yourself experiencing any of the situations above, the experienced and professional chiropractors at Hendrick Wellness Center can help you.

Making an appointment with your McAllen chiropractor benefits your mental and physical health and eases your sleeplessness symptoms by:

  • Relieving stress – Chiropractors can effectively help you deal with stress-related insomnia by helping your body and muscles relax as well as eliminating any subluxations—nerve compressions which cause communication problems between your brain and nerves. Fixing these issues will allow you to remain relaxed for longer.
  • Improving your posture – If your sleeplessness is caused by pain originating from bad posture, your chiropractor will be able to help you get rid of the pain and guide you to a better posture, ensuring more restful nights.
  • Helping you choose the right mattress – Your mattresses and/or pillows can be the cause of a restless night, too. A chiropractor can help you determine what kind of mattress your body needs in order to rest in the right posture.
  • Improving your energy use – Chiropractic treatment can help you maintain a working nervous system properly which will help you avoid the feeling of fatigue and stress accumulation, which won’t let you sleep.

Sleeping is key to a healthy, active daily life. Without it, more stress and sleepless nights can continue in a vicious cycle that won’t only affect you but also those around you.

With more than 10 years of experience, trust in our dedication to helping you heal.

At Hendrick Wellness Center, we have dedicated ourselves to providing our clients with the best chiropractic treatment possible. We are here to help you gain your health back, one adjustment at a time.

Contact us at (956) 630-2255 to set up your next appointment today.

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