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The Effects of Footwear On Your Spine

The Effects of Footwear On Your Spine
Nutrition, lifestyle habits, low calcium intake, and smoking are all factors that can affect your spine. However, did you know that your choice of footwear can also impact your spine?

Today, your trustworthy McAllen chiropractors at Hendrick Wellness Center will lay out how the footwear you wear can harm your spine. 

How Footwear Affects Your Spine

Having back pain and not knowing the source of it can be frustrating. Unfortunately, you probably would have never guessed that your shoes could be to blame. Wearing shoes that don’t offer proper support and comfort can often be the cause of unknown pain in your back and spine. 

When it comes to selecting the right footwear, it is in your best interest to pick a pair that provides adequate support and doesn’t put too much pressure on one foot. By not choosing a shoe with good support, you can suffer from misalignments, also known by chiropractors as subluxations. 

Subluxations are the cause of back and neck pain, muscle tension, and spasms. 

Which Shoes Cause Spinal Problems?

When selecting the right shoe it is important to find one that offers plenty of support. 

One specific kind of shoe that causes the most spinal problems is high heels. High heels cause the most trouble because they place extreme pressure on the front part of your foot. 

When you wear high heels, they completely change your posture by having you put your feet in an unnatural position. Wearing high heels every day can increase wear and tear on the discs between the vertebrae, which may ultimately cause strain on the joints and ligaments in your back. 

⦿ How To Pick Shoes That Protect Your Spine

Selecting spine-friendly shoes doesn’t have to be difficult. The following tips can ensure that you are staying comfortable and protecting your spine at the same time:

⦿ Lower Your Heels

When picking out a shoe, it is worth remembering that the lower the heel, the better. If you’re not willing to live without your high heels, try giving your foot a break by switching to lower heels every couple of hours. 

⦿ Rethink That Pair of Flip Flops

Sure, for a day at the beach flip flops are the perfect shoe choice. However, they are lacking when it comes to spinal support. You are far more likely to end up with an injury or back pain if you consistently choose flip-flops over a more supportive shoe. 

⦿ Choose Shoes That Are Well Cushioned 

Shoes that are well cushioned are more comfortable and tend to absorb shock. 

⦿ Replace Your Athletic Shoes Frequently 

While your athletic shoes might look like they are in good shape, you probably weren’t aware of the fact that that doesn’t automatically mean they are giving you adequate support. 

Your shoes may need to be replaced every three months. Every three months seems like a lot, but you are preventing yourself from injuries and pain by doing so.  

⦿ Avoid Shoes That Are Too Tight

Shoes that are too tight can increase pressure on your feet which can affect gait and alignment. 


Do What’s Best for Your Spine with Quality Footwear and Quality Chiropractic Care 

With the right shoe choice and top-notch chiropractic care, you can live the pain-free life you deserve. Let us help you improve your quality of life! 

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