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Sciatica in the Winter: How Chiropractic Care Can Help

SciaticaYou may have thought you were imagining it, but your sciatica (sciatic pain) does, in fact, worsen when the cooler fall and winter seasons hit.

As temperatures cool, your blood flow drops, making your muscles tighten up. Not only does this raise stiffness in muscles and joints, it means more pain when you apply pressure on sciatica-affected regions.

Today, your local McAllen chiropractors at Hendrick Wellness Center will provide a few tips to keep sciatic pain at bay this fall and winter.

Tips to Ease Your Sciatica

1.Stretch Gently

Before you step into the cold, a couple of simple stretches will help prepare your body. Gentle hamstring stretches are great, as are back extensions and gluteal stretches. There are also yoga poses specifically meant for alleviating sciatica.

Consult with your doctor before trying out any new exercise.

2.Apply a Topical Cream

Depending on the severity of your sciatic pain, topical counterirritant creams, and those with salicylates, can provide a warming sensation that will help to ease your discomfort. Topical creams can help to keep things limber, although you might want to visit your chiropractor for more intense cases.

3.Hit a Heated Pool

If your summertime sciatica routine includes a swim, there’s no reason to discontinue since winter has begun. Hitting a heated pool will keep your body warm while you perform one of the greatest forms of sciatica relief.

The rest of your body will feel better for the exercise as well.

4.Avoid Sudden Movement

Even a quick reach for something could cause you to experience sharp, shooting pains. Make sure when stretching and exercising, you avoid excessive bouncing or bursts of action.

5.Stay Warm

Layers are your best friend. Be sure to pile on the thermals, the woollies, and get warm before stepping outside. Don’t just focus on the areas affected by sciatica, as a generally cool body temperature will still make all your muscles tighten up.

Don’t be afraid to use hats, gloves, scarves, and anything else that’ll keep you toasty.

6.Stay Hydrated

Even if you don’t have sciatica, muscles and joints require water. It eliminates waste, delivers nutrients, and dilutes acid build-up. It also helps you sustain an even body temperature.

If you’re dealing with sciatica, it’s recommended you drink between 8-10 glasses of water every day.

7.Watch Your Weight

Maintaining a healthy body weight puts less pressure on your sciatic nerve, and this means less pain. A healthy diet is a great place to start, as it will help you maintain your weight while feeding nutrients to your joints and muscles.

Advanced Chiropractic Techniques Can Provide Relief from Sciatica Pain

Traditional medicine relies on pain relievers and muscle relaxers to offer relief from sciatica. Some of the most serious cases require surgery, which typically calls for the removal of the herniated disc.

Advanced chiropractic care can also provide relief by realigning the lumbar vertebrae or the connected disc. Once that’s over with, a McAllen chiropractor can help you set up a physical rehabilitation schedule meant to keep the sciatica from reoccurring.

By getting rid of the need for surgery, chiropractors prevent plenty of possible complications from developing, which is especially imperative with older patients who might not want to take that kind of risk. The exact causes of sciatica vary, and those who need treatment may require varying methods to heal properly.

Our local chiropractors are highly trained to target the source of your sciatic pain and to work with you in figuring out the most suitable approach to treatment. Following a thorough assessment of your unique problem, gentle adjustments are made that will give the body the chance to return to its natural alignment.

Certain people respond pretty quickly while others may take a bit longer to recover. It truly depends on the condition of the disc or the joints that the chiropractor has to correct. In the vast majority of cases, the longer the issue persists, the longer it’ll take to have it corrected.

Once the position of the spine and discs are improved, patients typically report improvements to their overall health.

Say Goodbye to Sciatica Pain with Exceptional Chiropractic Care

If your sciatica gets worse or persists after trying these tips, we recommend setting up a visit with our local McAllen chiropractors at Hendrick Wellness Center. We will accommodate based on your personal needs and body alignment.

Make this winter a pleasant, pain-free one when you visit our center for chiropractic care.

Don’t Let Sciatica Rule Your Winter and Overall Health.

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