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How Does A Cold Laser Work?

How Does A Cold Laser Work?

At Hendrick Chiropractic and  Wellness of McAllen, TX, we do whatever we can to keep you looking and feeling your best.  One piece of our treatment process is physiotherapy. Physiotherapies are varying forms of manual or device therapies that contribute dramatically to the rehabilitation of a patient.  They include things like heat packs, cool packs, ultrasounds, electric stimulation, cold laser, myofascial release techniques, and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization.

What is cold laser used for?

Our cold laser is a very beneficial type of physiotherapy. Cold laser therapy is a medical treatment using low-level lasers to stimulate damaged tissues such as burns and scar tissue. This is a great method to ease chronic pain, arthritis, swelling, promote hair growth and weight loss, heal open wounds and significantly reduce burns. The laser penetrates the skin and treats any inflammation and soft tissue issues. The cold laser treatment is safe and non-invasive, and is a cost effective way to get instant pain relief.  It is also effective in healing sports injuries, muscle strain, and ligament injury. Cold laser therapy can even prevent you from having to undergo surgeries for the issues listed above.

How does the treatment work?

The cold laser treatment increases the production of serotonin in the brain creating  a sense of overall happiness. To heal your body, the laser produces photon energy which increases the metabolism of the cells and promotes collagen and muscle cell growth.

Call Hendrick Chiropractic and Wellness of McAllen to schedule your cold laser treatment today! Heal your body from the outside-in with cold laser treatments and get pain-free relief today!