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Getting Chiropractic During Pregnancy

Getting Chiropractic During Pregnancy

Bringing another human being into this world is an exciting thing! Pregnancy is a beautiful gift and should be treated as just that. With the gift of life also comes strain on the mother’s body. It isn’t easy to grown and transport another human, especially for as long as nine months. It is very strenuous on your body, and therefore evokes changes to occur within your body and health. Give your body the support and wellness boost that it needs with chiropractic treatments throughout your pregnancy. At Hendrick Wellness, we want nothing but the best for you and your unborn child. Our family practice is located in McAllen, Texas. We are here and ready to support your health and pregnancy wellness.

Why should I see a chiropractor during my pregnancy?

During your pregnancy, your body will be working extremely hard to create the perfect environment for growing and developing a child. This includes both endocrinological and physiological changes. Your body isn’t used to supporting the extra weight of a child and all of the nutrients that it needs throughout the growing process. You will experience changes in your pelvis, a  protruding abdomen, and an increase in your back curve. All of these can be caused by postural adaptations to support the baby. Chiropractic can help to realign both your spine and pelvis to reduce the stress on your body and provide more space for the baby to grow. The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association has developed a specific chiropractic adjustment to balance out a woman’s pelvis and reduce stress to her uterus. Let Hendricks Wellness be your chiropractic care facility throughout your pregnancy to support both you and your baby in any way that we can!

Give Hendrick Wellness family practice of McAllen a call, and find relief from your pregnancy woes today!

Let us share your pregnancy process with regular chiropractic treatments to keep both you and your baby happy and healthy throughout each trimester.