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Chiropractic Care & Dealing with Lower Back Pain

Chiropractic Care & Dealing with Lower Back Pain

With a staggering 80% of adults experiencing some sort of lower back pain at some point in their lives, chiropractic adjustments are becoming a more popular and researched remedy.

Consider that for a moment.

Out of five of your friends, four of you will experience lower back pain, and it isn’t something that is necessarily hereditary.

In fact, the majority of back pain stems from job-related injuries and is one of the main reasons for missed work days and the second highest reason for doctor visits.

As alarming as this statistic is, our McAllen chiropractic doctors here at Hendrick Wellness Center are well-equipped to handle whatever lower back pain concerns you may have with our perfected and holistic approach to chiropractic treatment.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Causes of lower back pain can vary. If you are constantly feeling discomfort in the region, a session with our specially trained chiropractic doctors in McAllen can ease the pain you are experiencing. Causes of lower back pain include:

  • Pulled or strained muscles
  • Sprained ligaments and disc herniations
  • Sports injuries
  • Pinched spinal nerves
  • Spinal instability
  • Inflammed joints

Often times, symptoms are caused by tightness or restrictions in the spine, and many of them can be cured by this first particular step.

The First Step to Curing Lower Back Pain

One of the best treatments for lower back pain is simple prevention.

The effects of posture, stance, sedentary lifestyles, and improper workout routines can all deal damage to your lower spine.

Although in some certain circumstances, lower back injury may happen and is unavoidable because of hereditary ailments such as ankylosing spondylitis>, which is a certain form of arthritis.

For your posture, try to make a conscious effort to sit—or stand—up straight, shoulders pulled back, and your head upright as if a string were attached and someone was pulling it up slightly. In other words, stand tall. Think of standing as tall as you can, and do not let your chin poke forward. This relaxes and reduces the strain placed on both your cervical and lumbar vertebrae, easing back pain.

Sedentary lifestyles can also lead to back pain, mainly from bad posture. Your body cannot deny how good it feels when it gets a chance to do a little bit of a stretch, so nip this bad habit in the bud by doing some light stretching especially at the hips and take a brisk walk 4-5 times a week. This can help you to save yourself from experiencing lower back pain later on.

If you aren’t careful, however, overextending on a stretch when your body isn’t used to it can do more harm than good, and the same goes for improper workout form like lifting with your back and not your legs. Use caution when performing back squats. And avoid sit-ups and most crunches altogether as they are detrimental to the lower back for most people in the long run. As alternatives to situps, look into McGill’s curl-ups and plank exercises. Your back will thank you.

What Kind of Adjustments Do Chiropractors Use For Lower Back Pain?

Our specially trained chiropractic doctors at Hendrick Wellness Center have a certain set of holistic skills and techniques that can comfort even the most unruly of spines.

    • Spinal Manipulation

The basis of chiropractic care, spinal manipulation is a common technique within a chiropractor’s arsenal. Its primary goal is to help balance the spine and its surrounding muscles without surgery. It focuses on applying a controlled force to joints that are restricted from movement by some sort of tissue injury.

    • Activator Adjustment

The Activator Method involves a small, hand-held medical device that delivers gentle impulse force to the spine to targeted spinal vertebra or joint. This light force helps to restore motion in the area.

    • Physiotherapy

This form of readjustment therapy includes a variety of techniques and devices to help people affected by injury including ultrasound, electrical stimulation, laser therapy, rehabilitative exercises and more.

Any Techniques That Target The Lower Back Specifically?

Flexion-distraction is used widely for disc pain that causes leg pain. In flexion-distraction, a special “drop table” – as known in the field – is used to mobilize the patient’s spine while utilizing a pumping motion to decompress it.

While it may sound a bit painful it really isn’t.

In fact, it offers relief to the vertebrae in your spine by decompressing them, balancing their mobility, moving them away from irritated nerves and giving room and repositioning the gel-like cushioning in between each disc.

Then there’s pelvic blocking. Pelvic blocking uses a cushioned wedge placed underneath the patient’s body. After positioning, the chiropractor uses a gentle touch to relieve pressure from irritated nerves. What differs with pelvic blocking and flexion-distraction is that the chiropractor is giving gravity an opportunity to help align the spine, allowing for a gentler adjustment.

These techniques are under what chiropractors call the “50% rule”. If a patient hasn’t improved at least by 50% by the 12th session, the treatment is stopped, and a neurological assessment and imaging are recommended.

Don’t deal with back pain when you don’t have to. Our McAllen chiropractors at Hendrick Wellness Center are here to serve you and give you back your life.

Just because you are experiencing lower back pain doesn’t mean that you have to suffer forever.

Our experienced chiropractic doctors would like to welcome you with a warm smile and years of expert-level chiropractic service, delivered in a holistic approach for any of your lower back, neck, and spinal needs.

Contact us today at (956) 630-2255 to set up an appointment.