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Celebrate World Spine Day with Hendrick Wellness Center

Celebrate World Spine Day with Hendrick Wellness CenterOctober 16th, World Spine Day, is a global day dedicated to highlighting the burden of spinal pain and disability, and to promote better spinal health. This year’s theme is “Back on Track.”

There’s truth in the phrase “movement is medicine,” as keeping your spine mobile by remaining active helps you to maintain flexibility and prevent back pain. With over 60 joints in your spine, it’s imperative that they function properly so your spine can function properly. Your spine helps to keep you upright, while also protecting your spinal cord and nerves.

Unfortunately, a number of factors are making back pain more prevalent. For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown measures have somewhat restricted people’s ability to exercise and keep mobile. Additionally, more people are starting to work from home, which has resulted in increased reports of back and neck pain. 

World Spine Day’s 2020 campaign emphasizes that people can get “Back on Track,” re-energizing themselves with healthy spine habits and working to restore their activity levels.

Spinal pain and disability can impact everyone during their course of life, from children to the elderly. While aches and pains are a natural part of aging, this doesn’t mean we should stop moving —in fact— the evidence shows us that physical activity is one of the most important ways we can look after our spines. Daily exercise and simple measures to keep your spine functioning properly can really help to prevent joints from getting sore and painful. 

Today, your local McAllen chiropractors at Hendrick Wellness Center will go more into World Spine Day, the importance of having a healthy spine, and how we can help.

About World Spine Day

World Spine Day has become a tool to help raise awareness of back pain and other spinal issues. With health professionals, exercise and rehabilitation experts, public health advocates, students, and patients taking part, this day is celebrated on every continent. 

Promotion of physical activity, good posture, responsible weight lifting, and healthy working conditions are all featured elements people are encouraged to participate in to look after their spines and stay active.

Ways That Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Spine

1. Increases circulation

Stiffness in the spine can be caused by various problems like trauma and degenerative disc disease. While chiropractic care cannot prevent the wear and tear that life brings us, it can do a lot to heal that damage. 

One way that adjustments help is by increasing circulation to your spinal discs and surrounding tissues. Increased circulation brings in healthy nutrients and takes away undesirable material, making it possible for your spine to heal better than without good circulation.

2. Reduces or eliminates pain

Back pain can make living a normal life challenging, if not impossible. Depending on the frequency and severity of the pain, you may find yourself incapable of doing many of the activities you once enjoyed. Even if you don’t lose mobility, back pain can distract and bother you every time it shows up.

The pain in your back can most likely be alleviated through chiropractic care. By bringing your spine back into proper alignment, our chiropractors can ease pressure on the nerves in your back, and encourage muscles and other soft tissue to relax. Over time, spinal adjustments can significantly decrease or even eliminate back pain, which will help you stay active and improve the health of your spine.

3. Increases mobility

Pain in your spine and/or neck is often accompanied by a loss of mobility. Your muscles might seize up in an effort to preserve your spine, which can make it tough to move normally. Even if you aren’t suffering from muscle spasms, consistent back and neck pain can make you hesitant to move in ways that’ll trigger pain. Over time, a lack of movement can make the body stiffen and weaken. The longer this goes on, the less likely you are to get the physical activity you need to keep your joints mobile and your body strong.

Chiropractic adjustments can break up the stiffness that holds you back. By returning your spine to proper alignment, circulation is enhanced, pain is minimized, muscles release, and mobility returns. It can take time to get back to the way you want to be, but it’s well worth it.

Spinal Health Requires Consistency

The best way to keep your spine healthy in the long-term is to make regular visits to your chiropractor, while also sticking to a healthy diet and workout regimen. Every person is different, which is why we encourage getting customized treatment from the McAllen chiropractors at Hendrick Wellness Center.

When you establish a relationship with us, we can ensure that you’re always on the right track for spinal health.


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