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Back Hurting? Your Job at the Office Could be to Blame

For anyone who works in an office, suffering from back pain is probably not surprising. According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work. In fact, 264 million workdays are lost every year because of it. That’s an average of two off days for every full-time worker in the U.S.

However, missing workdays is not the most serious problem back pain can cause. This type of pain is the single most common cause of disability worldwide. People can generally recover from back pain, but the length of time people experience it has increased since the 1990s, disrupting our lives and leaving us feeling drained.

If you experience back pain or worry that your office job will lead to it, don’t give up hope. One of the best ways to address pain is by seeing a chiropractor in McAllen, but if you are looking for a more hands-on approach–pardon the pun–there are a variety of other options you can use to find some relief as well.

Typical Causes for Back Pain in an Office Setting

Those who work at desks all day probably have an idea of the culprit behind their back pain. It often manifests from:

  • Being still for long periods of time
  • Poor posture
  • Repetitive motions

What makes back pain caused by much of the aforementioned serious is that it can ultimately result in pinched back nerves, muscle weakness, and even herniated discs if left untreated.

Despite advancements in workplace health standards–like standing desks and ergonomic chairs–many workers still find themselves experiencing back pain. Part of the problem is that standing desks can be expensive and installing them can be disruptive. Another part of the problem is not knowing what else to do to treat your pain. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to combat your pain that won’t take a complete desk redesign.

What You Can Do to Relieve Back Pain

For some office workers, sitting up in the afternoon and feeling that familiar pinch can really ruin your day. For others, sitting in front of the computer can start a day of pain immediately. If you’ve been experiencing back pain, consider seeing a chiropractor. Additionally, you can try the approaches below to bring relief while you work:

  • Practice Good Posture – If you struggle to keep a good “sit-up-straight” posture, consider reclining your chair to something closer to 135 degrees. Reclining your chair can even take more strain off your back than sitting up straight.
  • Shift Regularly – Just shifting in your chair regularly can reduce the stiffness you may start to feel when sitting. Shifting regularly can even help reduce some of the other harmful effects sitting has on things like our blood flow.
  • Take Walks – Medical professionals suggest getting up and either stretching or walking around every 30 minutes when you’re working. If you prefer, hip stretches, heel raises, and squats can all help combat back pain.
  • Exercise – Exercising when you’re not at work can go a long way towards relieving pain when you are at your desk. We recommend pairing swimming, walking, and other aerobic exercises with exercises meant to strengthen your back muscles.
  • Breathe Deeply – Taking deep, full breaths centering on your belly and expanding your rib cage can help improve your mid-back mobility. As an added benefit, deep breathing also improves concentration.
  • Don’t Call in Sick – This may sound cruel, but sticking to regular routines is your healthiest choice in most cases. Staying active and continuing to work on your desk routine and posture is ideal, assuming you’re careful to not injure yourself with things like unsafe lifting or falls.
  • See Our Chiropractors – If your back pain is exceptionally bad, you should visit our chiropractors here in McAllen as soon as possible. With their extensive knowledge and training in chiropractic, relieving back pain is made easy at Hendrick Wellness Center.

What Hendrick Wellness Center Can Do For You

According to the ACA, 80 percent of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Every year, Americans lose $50 billion because of back pain, either in the form of lost wages or decreased productivity. In all likelihood, you will experience back pain at some point, so it’s important to know what to do about it.

One good idea would be consulting with a professional about chiropractic spinal manipulation. Spinal manipulation applies pressure on the spine and other parts of the body to reduce pain and improve mobility. The McAllen chiropractors at Hendrick Wellness Center offer the most advanced chiropractic techniques and are dedicated to helping you experience physical wellness without surgery.

Contact us today at (956) 630-2255 to schedule a consultation today, and don’t forget to download and print out the bite-sized version of this blog to post in your office.